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Hydrogeological Services


B.A. Hydro Solutions Limited (BAHS) are an industry leader in the production of technical reports; these cater to a wide range of customers to assess the feasibility or viability of a new ground water source.

If you are considering a new groundwater abstraction borehole a Hydrogeological Assessment (HGA) will provide you with essential information. Each of BAHS’ HGAs are bespoke, so each report acquires and collates geological, hydrogeological and hydrological information specific to your site. Each HGA report is peer-reviewed to ensure consistency of approach, data reliability and robustness of borehole design and predicted sustainable yield.

Each report includes, but is not limited to, information on:

- Geology and Lithology of the ground beneath your site.
- Hydrogeological properties from comparable water wells and boreholes.
- Calculated yield, seasonality of supply, impacts, etc.
- Water quality – drawing on our extensive database of water quality throughout the UK
- Local regulatory conditions
- Outline of potential flooding risk
- Borehole design(s)

BAHS appraises all sites ahead of starting, where success looks unlikely BAHS advise customers, giving them the option to avoid the cost of completing a report.

Hydrogeological Services

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